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Dr. Cynthia Lopez, a Medical Director and founder of Renewal ∼ Skin Rejuvenation, has expanded her services to include Ultherapy, skin care, cosmetic fillers and botulinum toxin injections. She was trained at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic and the prestigious Ohio State University. She has over 20 years experience with EMG-guided Botox injections.

Dr. Lopez helps her patients pursue their natural beauty through rejuvenation, not surgical alteration, to maintain a natural appearance through nutrition, prevention, and rejuvenation. She provides a personalized consultation and draws on her expertise and artistic eye to craft the perfect path for every patient’s goals. She recommends a customized skin care plan including Retin-A and prescription-strength skin care products including Neocutis, winner of Best of Beauty Product and Best Beauty Buy 6 years in a row! Dr. Lopez also makes recommendations for rejuvenation/correction. She offers Botox/Xeomin EMG guided injections for wrinkles of the forehead, eyes, and brow and is one of a handful of clinicians in the country with this expertise to precisely target the proper muscles for a natural, long-lasting relaxation.

Dr. Lopez offers advanced Ultherapy treatments, the only non-invasive treatment FDA-approved to specifically lift the brow, lift under the chin and neck, and improve wrinkles of the décolletage, using ultrasound to lift and tighten the laxity in sagging skin. The brow area is treated to lift the brow, create an arch, and lighten the skin laxity of the eye lid area, commonly seen during aging. Ultherapy is scientifically proven to stimulate collagen production by 42 percent with one treatment for one hour with no downtime. Some patients feel discomfort with the Ultherapy treatment, so, unlike other clinics, Dr. Lopez offers prescription-strength pain management for her patients that desire it before the Ultherapy procedure. Ultherapy is revolutionary and it was the winner of the New Beauty Product Award and was voted The Best In-Office Treatment.

Importantly, differing from other clinics, Dr. Lopez personally performs all Botulinum and filler injections, including Botox/Xeomin, Radiesse, and Belotero. She is the only provider in Eastern North Carolina certified to perform Radiesse hand injections, the only FDA-approved filler to restore volume and a youthful appearance to aging hands. Our youthful beauty does not have to be lost as time passes. It is possible to turn back the clock and regain your youthful beauty. Dr. Lopez and her welcoming staff at Renewal ∼ Skin Rejuvenation are available to help you attain it.

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