Renewal Skin Rejuvenation

“I'm so pleased with my youthful appearance. I had started to look so tired and felt very unattractive. Now I feel attractive again and I've regained my mojo! My Ultherapy results are amazing, continue to tighten my skin, and have exceeded my wildest expectations. And the fillers and Botox injections are very natural looking. People say I look great but don't know I had anything done! I look 10 years younger and natural! ” —
Actual Patient of Renewal ∼ Skin Rejuvenation
* individual results may vary

Renewal ∼ Skin Rejuvenation specializes in treatments to preserve and regain your youthful looking appearance. We recommend a healthy diet and exercise, supplements, and Neocutis skin treatments to preserve and repair the skin texture. Ultherapy treatments are offered to tighten and lift skin laxity. Fillers are used to increase volume and fill fine lines. Botulinum toxin is administered with specialized electromyography (EMG) guidance to weaken muscles to reverse unsightly wrinkles. For the hands, Dr. Lopez is the only area physician certified to offer Radiesse injections, used to add volume and restore a youthful appearance. Neocutis skin care products are recommended to improve the skin's texture and fade brown spots. Dr. Lopez is known for her artistic eye and expertise in using a combination of these treatments to achieve the most natural, youthful results.

It is important to recognize that in all treatments/procedures, including those offered at Renewal, individual results and experiences may vary.

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